Q.How can I buy LightWhey ice cream?
Ans. You can find a list of stores by clicking here. Alternatively, call this number 04-5580391 for home delivery via our ice cream van!

Q.Why whey protein?
Ans. Compared to other proteins, whey protein is absorbed at the highest by the human gut. It makes up 20% of protein content in milk and contains all the essential amino acids required by the human body to function. Research in the last decade has shown the following

  • Whey protein consumers lose more fat, gain more muscle and strength when compared to consumers of different proteins.
  • Whey protein has been shown to prevent depression and decrease stress.
  • Whey protein counteracts the negative effects of strenuous aerobic exercise on the immune system.
  • Whey protein helps lower blood pressure and decrease risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Whey protein can keep you full and satisfied for a longer period of time, thus contributing to your fat loss journey.

So think twice the next time you cut down on protein when trying to lose weight

Q. How much protein does each tub contain
Ans. 22.5g of high quality whey protein

Q. Is LightWhey a good choice for women?
Ans. Of course it is. There are many misconceptions amongst women when it comes to protein. Many fear that extra protein can result in a masculine body shape. On the other hand, some believe that protein is not important unless weight lifting is part of the exercise regimen. Both of these statements are completely false. Protein, when combined with weight training, can result in toned muscles, fat loss and a more proportional look. Synthetic Male hormone use is the only reason why some women obtain a masculine figure.

Even when no weight training is involved, protein remains crucial for recovery and protection of the immune system, which is continuously compromised by intense aerobic exercise.

Q. Is LightWhey diabetic friendly?
Ans. Yes! LightWhey ice cream tubs have no added sugar and are sweetened with xylitol, which has a glycemic index similar to that of brown bread. This means it does not cause a significant rise in blood sugar or insulin.

Q.Why choose LightWhey as a snack or supplement?
Ans. We believe LightWhey provides the best balance between optimal nutrition and taste. Our ice cream provides all the essential macronutrients for a balanced diet. The taste is loved by everyone who has tried it, taste it and see for yourself. Click here to find out more information about our ingredients and their healthy benefits.

Q.How big are the portion sizes?
Ans. Our ice cream tubs come in 200 ml and sticks in 120 ml. Follow us on our various social media accounts for instant updates on future products and sizes.

Q.Why Xylitol?
Ans.A sweetener that is actually good for you, xylitol is naturally occurring in many fruits and vegetables and usually extracted from corn. After considering the evidence base behind every single sweetener in the market, we came to the conclusion that xylitol is the most beneficial sweetener with a taste closest to real sugar. With half the calorie content in sugar but the similar sweetness gram for gram, xylitol is quickly gaining popularity in the food industry.  Xylitol

  • Actively fights cavities
  • Is not only diabetic friendly, but has been proven to improve glucose tolerance and metabolic syndrome. This means xylitol can actually improve diabetes therefore lowering insulin or medication requirements
  • Helps prevent ear and respiratory tract infections by suppressing the growth of organisms that cause these infections
  • protects your bones, probably by remineralisation, the same way it causes remineralisation of tooth enamel