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LightWhey contains 22.5 grams of high quality whey protein per tub

Finally for the first time, you can have ice cream for breakfast and not feel bad about it! LightWhey has no added sugar and is low in fat and carbohydrates

No Artificial Colors, Gluten Free & Diabetic Friendly

Fun Fact:

ice cream

” On average, it takes 50 licks to finish a single scoop of ice cream”


“The word “protein” is from the Greek word proteios, which means “primary” or the first place.” The term was first used in 1883. Even in those times the importance of protein was appreciated.”

How awesome!

“The only substance more plentiful in the human body than protein is water. Protein makes up approximately 18 to 20% of total body weight, and it is mostly found in muscle tissue.”


“On average, one serving (tub) of LightWhey ice cream is the equivalent of a small serving of salmon (100g) and a small piece of brown toast, in terms of macronutrient split that is..”

For Human Body

The human body has about 100,000 different types of protein. The body needs protein to grow, heal, and carry about nearly every chemical reaction in the body.


"Out of all proteins in the world, whey protein is absorbed the fastest by the human body. On top of that, it is the most efficiently utilized by our bodies’ internal systems once absorbed." Jane Williams


Triple Berry Push Pops

2 cups LightWhey Strawberry Ice Cream, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, 1 cups mixed berries


Chocolate Ice Cream Bark.

1 cup Greek yogurt, 2 cup LightWhey Chocolate Ice Cream, 1 cup mixed berries, 1/4 cup mixed nuts, chopped


Berry and Cream Shake

1 Scoop Vanilla LightWhey Ice Cream, 1 Scoop Strawberry Lightwhey Ice Cream, 1 cup ice
175ml almond milk, 1 cup mixed berries


Breakfast Ice Cream Bowl

2 scoops Light Whey Vanilla Ice Cream 1 cup berries 1/2 cup greek yogurt Granola Dark chocolate chips


Mixed Berries Icecream

1 scoop of LightWhey Vanilla icecream 1/2 cup mixed berries DIRECTIONS 1. Cover and heat the mixed berries in the microwave for 2-3 minutes. 2. Place the melted berries on top of the scoop of LightWhey vanilla icecream.


Whole Wheat Pancakes

An easy & healthy recipe of whole wheat pancakes topped with your favourite flavor of LightWhey Ice cream


Healthy low fat brownies

A delicious & guilt free recipe of low fat chocolate brownies served with your favorite flavor of LightWhey Ice cream.


Healthy banana split

A great recipe to enjoy the three flavors of LightWhey ice cream in one plate.


Peanut Butter Chocolate Protein Milkshake

Who said Protein Shakes can’t be mouth-watering? Check out this nutritious & delicious recipe.



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